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Blaine’s Visit 

Kurt sighed as he put his phone into his pocket. Isabelle was texting him about possibly coming in for an hour or two that night to help her sort through some outfits that were going to be used in a photoshoot the following week. Kurt explained to her that he couldn’t because he spending his weekend with Blaine, but Isabelle was still trying to convince him to come. She was stubborn, and that’s what Kurt adored about her.

But Kurt was determined to spend the whole weekend with Blaine this time. The last time he was in the city Kurt did nothing but work. He felt horrible for leaving Blaine alone or in Rachel’s care most of the time. He didn’t want to work. He wanted to spend spend time with Blaine. He loved and missed Blaine so much…but Kurt had to focus on his career. If he wasn’t going to school or going to be on a Broadway stage anytime soon, he had to focus on the next best thing. Blaine would understand, right? Kurt shook his head. Of course, Blaine would understand. Blaine’s the one who told him he had to leave Lima for New York. Kurt was fully prepared to stay in Lima and wait for Blaine. He had planned to come to New York with Blaine. But Blaine wanted to see him happy, and now, Kurt was happy.

Kurt pulled out his phone again and checked the time. Blaine’s flight would be landing soon and Kurt promised to meet him at the airport. He grabbed his jacket and keys before heading out to hail a cab to the airport.

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    Blaine sighed out and shook his head. “To be honest, I think she just does it to spend time with you. I mean, you are a...
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    Kurt laughed as the subway came to a stop and he led the way out. “Isabelle is just really busy and needs all the help...